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LM Swiss

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"Oldest trick in the book and still got scammed I’m smarter than that but greed is the devil, . Himself ... so stupid is my name and getting tricked was no fun game........."

Posted: January 04th, 2018

LM Swiss

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"these crooks and bastards at L.M. SWISS called me out of no where that I have $42,928.20 in my account and that they would send me the cheque wire federal express if I pay them via a credit card a fee of $2971 as a court fee etc. I replied them to deduct that amount from the total amount due to me. but he said that the process is that I have to pay the legal fee first.
the persons name is JEIO TOMI either a Chinese or some oriental male.


Posted: October 26th, 2017

LM Swiss

"Why does someone not petition these CON MEN for Bankruptcy, in Australia they would have their Passports, endorsed, not allowing travel, it is a criminal offence to trade whilst insolvent, they all would be preparing themselves for the next Con, living the high life ofF our money, I do not want to throw good money after bad, however if enough of us get together, we could threaten them with a positive recovery take away there assets, expose their life style to the community they live in, name their family address etc,
Contact me rex-rail@westnet.com.au Phone 61 8 403383280 "

Posted: September 26th, 2017
Tariq -0 OUT OF 5

LM Swiss

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"Andrew Baron ran a different website where his name was Allen Woodley,there i lost $18000 with this crook but then he sweet talked me to open an account with lmswiss.com & promised there his friend Allen Woodley will definitely recover my loss ,i could recognized his voice ,here Andrew Baron himself was working by the name of allen Woodley,in just few months time i lost another 9000 dollars & this crook disappeared,I AM 100% CERTAIN HE IS RUNNING A DIFFERENT WEBSITE & WORKING THERE WITH A DIFFERENT NAME,SCAMMING MORE PEOPLE,PLEASE FELLOW VICTIMS NEVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH ANY BINARY TRADING COMPANY,THESE PEOPLE THEY RUN FAKE COMPANIES ,WORK WITH FAKE NAME & NOBODY KNOWS WHERE THEY WORK FROM,I DEALT WITH 11 DIFFERENT WEBSITES BUT THEY ALL DISAPPEARED,WONDERING HOW COME NOBODY GOES AFTER THESE CROOKS"

Posted: April 19th, 2017

LM Swiss

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"Liars & Thieves"

Posted: January 03rd, 2017
Robert Smith

LM Swiss

"LM Swiss contacted me to start a trading account in Jan 2016. Andrew Baron was the person who talked me into opening an account. At first they wanted $1,000 USD, but I only was willing to put in $500 - they matched that amount so that my initial balance was $1,000. First trade was successful, account up to over $2,000. Andrew Baron then called and told me of a great opportunity due to uncertainty about China. He wanted me to put in another $10,000 - I told him that my credit card did not have that much. I ended up putting in another $1,200. After that trade my account was over $5k. He the rang in mid August with another "great opportunity" and wanted me to put in another $2.5k and said the firm would match it. I ended up putting in a further $2,450 and they matched it with the same amount. This put the account up to approx. $10.5k. A week later there was $11,800 in the account (beginning Sept). I checked the balance at the beginning of October, it was still the same. In early Nov I called their office and got (as always) a recorded female voice prompting me to leave a message. I had left a message saying that I needed my actual account number and the address where it was kept for Australian Govt records, due to me being a pension recipient. I heard nothing, so I emailed them on Nov 16 requesting the same info. I had no reply, so I re-sent it. Still nothing. Today (Dec 1st) I tried calling Andrew Baron on his direct line in Singapore (6531590965) only to get a recording telling me the number was unavailable. I decided to log on to my trading account to check the status of it. I have $38 in my account! I have had no communication from anyone in the company regarding any further trades and assumed that I had over $11k in it as I did in early October. My money is gone and I don't know where, they didn't even bother to call me with some bs about losing it or anything, it's just gone and there is no record of where it went and they will not reply to my emails or return my calls. They are obviously a scam. I am a married 60 y.o. pensioner with no income other than the pension. I still owe my credit card over half of the $5.5k that I put into LM Swiss. I don't own a house. This may not be a lot of money to some people but it is to me & my wife. LM Swiss are a bunch of scammers with no integrity. Something should be done about them."

Posted: November 30th, 2016

LM Swiss

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"Hey guys I am embarrassed and very pissed off. I started a trading account with these guys. at first only $1000 it was going great. They pressured me into investing more so i can the best deal blah blah. All of a sudden they started to do aggressive trades of $250 each and they lost 5 trades to every win trade. My entire account was cleaned out to zero in a day. They lost $14,000 USD. Sadly it was money i borrowed from my family to help out of financial difficulty. Now I am in my deeper than ever thanks to these scamming bastards.

These guys promise to make a lot of money using a special algorithm and binary options trading. At first they start with small investment $200-$500 and the account does very well in growth. Then they call and tell you that a huge event is about to hit the market and China's economy will drop suddenly that effect the other world markets. High pressure sales because this is happening right now and this is your chance to make a lot of money but you need to invest at least $5000 USD. When the money goes to your account the continue to make growth in the hope that you invest more. As soon as it is clear you have invested the maximum then they suddenly increase the amount of each trade and it all disappears in major losses until your account is cleaned out. They offer excuses like Clinton announcement affected the market suddenly and it could not be avoided etc.
Many other people have been scammed in the same way. The initial call comes from an American man called Andrew Baron or a European man called Justin Franco. the guy behind the scenes in a so called analyst is called Nathan Park. The Company was registered in the UK in 2015 with a series of Dominican Republic and Seychelles Directors

Posted: November 04th, 2016
Joy hope

LM Swiss

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"LM Swiss direct is a scam. Invested with them as well. And receive $0.00 after gained profits. "

Posted: November 02nd, 2016
John Rudkin

LM Swiss

  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"After initial investments and good results I have had 2 'disbursements'. Following that I have not had any disbursements despite several promises to 'get it sorted' by my account manager. I have also requested a withdrawal but this has gone no where. I have found it very difficult to contact my account manager and I get no real answers when I do. My account is being managed and I'm not doing any of the trading. The balance is good but if I can't withdraw money then it doesn't matter.

Posted: October 12th, 2016
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