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TraderVC is considered a moderately risky Forex platform. It is likely unregulated. You could be safe to invest there, but many more secure options available. Browse our listing of the best trading platforms and find a reputable broker to make your investment with. The platforms listed here have passed all of our tests, and we can confirm their security.

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  (Score: 4 out of 5)

"In these kind of cases with the fake broker over the internet my advice if you have already invested with those liars is to call them back and if getting a refund from the fraud broker wouldnโ€™t be possible for you..In this i will advice you to get intouch with NERDY SPY TEAM and report the company. They help fight against various investment scams. you can reach out to them via Nerdyspy @ protonmail . com"

Posted: July 21st, 2021


  (Score: 5 out of 5)

"I thought I was entering an age of new money from online investment when I learnt about binary options, I was greatly eager to get on board even more especially because i had some knowledge of online trading, everything changed when I was ready to make my withdrawal and I could get nothing. The entire thing literally broke down in my face when I became convinced my money was stuck with them, read came across a group of recovery experts and they did a good job helping me settle a problem that was having me sick daily, they recovered every thing I invested and they required no upfront payment whatsoever for the task. Iโ€™m quite impressed by their work, you can contact CryptoMundia (@)gmailcom"

Posted: July 13th, 2021
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  (Score: 5 out of 5)


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Posted: July 08th, 2021


  (Score: 3 out of 5)

"Please be wary of the many scam investment websites everywhere , i got scammed by a well articulated investment website . The whole plan they sell to you will sound so smooth and straightforward there will be no room for you to doubt it. I came to understand that cryptocurrency mining/ investment is a good one if you are in touch with the right investment team. I invested $12,000 which was in a series of payments in one of these websites. Crazy thing is that i monitored the profit and it was looking really transparent as I had a dashboard to monitor my investment but i got locked when i was about to withdraw and this gave room to more payments which they claim weโ€™re taxes and were going to be added to what i will be receiving. I went searching online for a solution because they hit deep into my savings and i eventually met this team of experts that i got in touch via mail to help me handle recovery of my money. Support (@) recoverytemple . tech. I sent a mail to them and was able to get about 90% of what i lost in a little less than 3 days.

Posted: July 05th, 2021


  (Score: 2 out of 5)

"If you lost money to a scammer, there's a chance you can get your money back. Talk to to (support @ recoverytemple . tech) via mail.
They have the highest success rate you will find anywhere !

Posted: July 05th, 2021
Adams Levy


  (Score: 5 out of 5)

"The past 3 months has been hell for me. I lost $110,000 to a OMCMARKETS! These fraudulent company cleaned me off my hard earned money. They kept asking for more deposit and when I didnโ€™t give in they stopped responding to my mails. I was desperate for a refund as I couldnโ€™t pay my mortgage. I got the best Christmas gift in advance for myself and my kids being a single father. I was able to recoup my invested capital in less than 12 working days. God does answer prayers. I am forever indebted to Mr Gary who oversaw the penetration experts who carried out a systematic hack into OMCMarkets database. I have also gone ahead to file complaints directly to the FCA and SEC. How can one not have a moral compassion, lack empathy and have a zero conscience to?!. Very pathetic and despicable. I have become a lot more circumspect because of my experience with OMCmarkets.
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Posted: July 02nd, 2021


  (Score: 3 out of 5)

"Technology in our current day seem to be a means to elevate ourselves financially and at the same time, it could be used for the otherwise.ย  There have been stories of people loosing their BTC to online scammers, through online investment companies, binary options and likes. Therefore, we at cryptorefunder360(at)gmail(dot)com came up with a solution to online fraud by recovering lost crypto. So if you fall into any situation involving crypto scamming, you can contact us now by emailing us @ cryptorefunder360(at)gmail(dot)com or text George via WhatsApp +18035702316. "

Posted: June 26th, 2021


  (Score: 5 out of 5)

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  (Score: 4 out of 5)

"I will advice you to contact Mr. Adam Wilson at, adamwilson. trading @ consultant. com, for better understanding because his strategies really helped me withdraw my money that was stuck in my broker account and I even made more huge profits. He is genuine and honest. you can contact him if you discover that your broker is scamming you or having withdrawal problem. Use/ What's app +1 8 7 0 3 4 5 7 9 3 7"

Posted: January 26th, 2021
Robert Webber


  (Score: 5 out of 5)

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  (Score: 4 out of 5)

"This is a scam company that will cheat you and stop picking up your calls. All they asked for is more money, they ended up taking $56,000 I deposited to them and denied all the withdrawal request I made. I reached out to them, they stopped picking up my calls and responding to my mail's. I had to reach out to a recovery expert company via, tradersrecovery @ cash4u . com, because their strategy really helped me to withdraw my funds that was stuck with them."

Posted: January 07th, 2021


  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"Scammed by TraderVC, two traders Richard Stone aka Richard Hill, David Berg (no real names used). No withdrawal, no communication, no help"

Posted: November 18th, 2017
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