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We consider ThinkMarkets to be a low risk Forex platform. It appears to be regulated to a reputable body. You might be safe to invest there, but better options available. You should consider our list of the top rated trading platforms before opening an account. Each platform on this list has been thoroughly tested, and we can confirm its security.

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Elizabeth Ruth


  (Score: 5 out of 5)

"If you need help with getting back your money from a bad faith broker, contact hacker SCAM RECOVERY SITE. They helped me along with friends and family that was referred via email, scamrecoverysite AT fastservice DOT com. You can contact them for anything"

Posted: January 15th, 2022


  (Score: 1 out of 5)


Hello guys.. just got robbed 48000 euros due to poor security measures at Think Market brokers in London. My account with them went from 50000 to 18 euros in 13 minutes. I got scammed - I recieved phone calls from people saying they were Think Market employees which were not. In fact the e mail address the “imposter” employees sent me was almost exactly the same as think markets support true e mail. Only a dash - of a difference. These imposters opened the account for me at Think Market and Think Market must have sent them my password thinking it got sent to me. After investigating Think Markets and seeing it was a seriouse operation I transfered money to London. Thats all I can make of it. Other than that I CANT UNDERSTAND HOW this could happen. A few days later after sending money to THINK MARKET in London I received a series of quick operations in my account -all at a loss- that left me with 18 euros. All in 13 minutes. I was called by the imposters and told my money would re-appear a few days later as it was being used for an investment. Since I never gave out my password I assumed it was all a think market operation. After a few days I STARTED TO FIND EVERYTHING did not add up.

I never - ever thought they could have such poor security measures. I will see them on monday. I called them and explained that I have never given out my password.

We will see if they are responsible and return my hard earned money.


BE CAREFULL. I THINK THIS HAPPENED WITH AN INSIDE INFORMANT. Will update if they correct my account properly."

Posted: December 15th, 2017
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