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PrimeCFD's is considered a moderately risky Forex platform. It is likely unregulated. You could be safe to invest there, but many more secure options available. Browse our listing of the best trading platforms and find a reputable broker to make your investment with. The platforms listed here have passed all of our tests, and we can confirm their security.

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  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"I signed up at the weekend after reading a strong recommendation from Martin Lewis whom I trust. It appears that this was fake. Trying to withdraw and it was rejected. I will see what happens tomorrow. For me the concern was as others have said Identity fraud given they have my passport picture and my bank card which I have subsequently cancelled."

Posted: April 24th, 2018


  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"100% TRYING TO SCAM COMPANY. Keep forcing trader to trade, after a small investment, they would advise you invest more or buy sort of INSURANCE. In the end, you will want to close the account because you feel like you cannot continue more. Then, they started not calling you (my case; more than 10 business days already and my account hasn't been closed yet because they aren't calling me, usually they keep calling you for a trading frequently). You would wonder why they need to call you for verbal approval for closing an account, BECAUSE they want to advise you not to close and invest MORE! During these ten business days and longer, everyday, I came to Prime CFDs live chat telling them my issue. Guess what, all of them reply you the same useless thing, they are basically useless. Until this moment, my account still hasn't closed yet. I will share my experience to this kind of website as many as possible. Can't stand this company trying to scam more people!"

Posted: September 23rd, 2017


  (Score: 2 out of 5)

"hi completely in the same boat as you.
as i am in the process of trying to get some funds returned after successful trading.
promises and no response from another contact form all are pointing towards manager and he is not contactable easily. contact me sent you email from your other blog please reply and we will try and see what can be done."

Posted: July 07th, 2017
Prime customer


"I it's SCAM ....... lost my 250 Euro. They don't let me withdraw any money. They say it,s on the way, but nothing happens......Beware !!!!!"

Posted: July 06th, 2017
Jaspreet Kaur


  (Score: 1 out of 5)

"Visitors, guests and new members of this page, please beware and do not let yourself get forced by the marketing staff of Prime CFDs when they call you for the first time. They bully you to pay the money in their very first call and give you an option to withdraw if you change you mind after talking to your family members. BUT the whole withdrawl process is a pain!! They will first ask you to verify the account for which you need to send another lot of emails and documents and see very unprofessional painfully difficult to understand emails. Once you have verified the account you can put in a withdrawl request and forget it. They will keep acknowledging your withdrawal request without acting upon it. I have been trying to get my money back since more than one week now and haven't seen any progress. On top of that it was never mentioned anywhere in any of the calls with their sales staff that withdrawl process will involve money deduction as well.. please take this as a warning before you even consider getting involved with this company. "

Posted: June 08th, 2017


  (Score: 1 out of 5)

Your site should have a Zero rating, as my 1 rating is not accurate. It is fat too generous for these scammers.
This company was only a couple of months ago named WMOptions, who had people making complaints online about being Scammed. Last January i foolishly got sucked into their trap from a slick Video about a auto trader named Blazing Trader". I was put through to a woman who then connected me to a so called manager named Ethan Stark I no longer think this will be his real name of course. I was promised educational training and assistance to put on trades. I made a deposit of $5K. There was no Blazing trader. The platform was Meta4 and they put on some very successful trades. Within a week he was trying to get me to deposit more money. I was promised that a VIP account would get me everything i required to become a good trader. I told him i wanted some time to evaluate the investment, but after continued pressure i deposited a lot more, and they signed me up for a bonus which i never really understood, except that Ethan Stark said would be mine within 4 to 7 months of trading. I was promised education and that withdrawals were easy and encouraged. To keep the story short, the communication and assisted trading went to zero almost immediately after i informed Ethan i would want to make some withdrawals soon. I contacted their so called support team. Incidentally they are nothing but a post box. They cannot help with anything, and are only their to provide a wall between the account managers and you. Anyhow they eventually said i had another account manager . Mark Spencer. After telling Mark i would need to make a withdrawal he advised me that i could not, and it would take me about 11 years to liquidate my account (and make withdrawals) at the current rate of trading. He asked for more money which would lower the Bonus and time to liquidate my account. I decided not to proceed with his "fantastic solution", which made him retaliate and tell me i was stupid etc. Since then he will not communicate with me, and says that his managers instructed him not to put any trades on for me. However while i continued trading he has been taking off any significant trades that are negative, therefore reducing my account down to almost nothing. They have tried to blame me, but i have been asleep when these have been closed. I also have other money deposited onto their Primecfds site, i can see the balance there and have requested a withdrawal about 2 weeks ago. All i get is bullshit from the so called support team. I have told them what i believe about them. All my retirement funds are now gone. I am wondering if there are other people who have been scammed by Primecfds or WMOptions. Perhaps we could join together and get some help to recover at least some of our funds. There are companies that claim this is possible."

Posted: June 05th, 2017
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