No, Sergey Brin or Steve Wozniak do not want to give you free Bitcoin

 by   Posted: 05/18/2020
A highly organized group of scammers is going after your Bitcoin. They claim to be a respected figure or company to try to build your trust. Some examples are Sergey Brin of Google, Steve Wozniak of Apple, and crypto exchange Coinbase. After that, they will offer you a deal that seems to good to be true. Don't do it! It's a scam.

Their offer is this: send us X amount of Bitcoin and we will send you double that amount in return. Their reasons vary from trying to help people out during the current Covid pandemic to wanting to push Bitcoin and make it more mainstream. They have called me several times trying to sell me on this scam. The phone numbers are in the New York area code but the scammers seem to be Israelis.

They are hitting more than just your phone. Recently the scammers have been uploading "live" videos to YouTube, featuring the likes of Brin, telling you to act fast to claim this deal. The video is not live and is on a totally unrelated topic. These are scammers, not the people they claim to be. Shame on the YouTube moderating staff for letting some of these videos reach the front page!

Of course, if you do send them any Bitcoin, you will not receive any back. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and untraceable. It will be very difficult to get your BTC back.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is! Watch out for this scam.

"No, Sergey Brin or Steve Wozniak do not want to give you free Bitcoin" User Comments

Simon Barry



I have happily had broker accounts with various companies for years. One got bought up by Firstrade.
After 6 months they starting sending me paper statements – and charging a lot for the privilege! They ‘claimed’ (and cannot provide any proof) that the emails werent getting through… after some fighting they they took everything ?!?!?!?!?!
Claiming i had not told them why i moved house 30 (yes that is correct, THIRTY) years ago. Which they refuse to refund !
so yeah – THIEVES and CROOKS. Luckily for. Me was able to have all of my funds recovered through Geminihacks -.- com they are the absolute best.

Posted: June 29th, 2020
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