Warning! Fund Recovery Scams are on the Rise

 by ForexScam.net   Posted: 01/04/2020
We're receiving an increasing amount of spam by individuals claiming to be able to "recover" funds that were invested in online trading services. These individuals are posting false stories in our comments and forum. They will suggest that you should contact an email address, usually from a free provider such as gmail, to be given instructions on how to get your money back.

Unfortunately for those of you who have legitimately been ripped off, this "service" is not what it seems. The individuals are hiding behind free, anonymous emails for good reason. They are intending to scam you even further! The way they see it, since you have been scammed once, you are a good target to scam again.

If you were to contact one of these individuals, they will likely tell you that you do not need to pay them anything for their services. They will only ask for payment after your funds have been recovered. That sounds great, but it's not true. Once they have collected your information and started to work on your case, they will start asking you for money.

Most likely it is impossible to get your money back. The company that scammed you has dissolved and these individuals know that there is no hope to recover your funds. Still, they will feed you hope and continue taking your money until they have "done all that they can".

The best way to fight Forex scams is to not be scammed in the first place! Make sure to check sites like ForexScam.net before making any investment. Should you believe you were scammed, report it to us! In many cases it is just a matter a miscommunication between the trader and the broker. Your best chance to get your funds back is by reasoning with them. Do not waste your time and money on a "Fund Recovery" scam!

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