AlfaTrade Warning! No Payouts, No Communication, No Professionalism

 by   Posted: 01/04/2020
We are issuing a warning against one of our previously recommended brokers: AlfaTrade. This company owes us money and is refusing to pay. It has been over 6 months since the payment should have been made.

Browsing the Facebook and Twitter pages of AlfaTrade, it appears that are not the only ones owed. This broker continues to maintain a presence on these social media channels, even releasing videos regularly. This activity might fool unsuspecting traders and affiliates into joining AlfaTrade, but be warned: You won't get your money if you do.

AlfaTrade is a scam. They are taking deposits and traffic from partners but not paying out. AVOID THEM.

"AlfaTrade Warning! No Payouts, No Communication, No Professionalism" User Comments

Dennise Langc


"it was everything gone wrong for me, i fell fully for their lies, had my broker handle my account for me which made things get worse but i was out there working almost all hours of the day to make sure i stay stable financially in life and all of a sudden +booom . i need cash and they are wasting my time to approve my withdrawal request. At this point i am beginning to get scared and after a while they stopped responding to my emails which became worse, i was going nuts until i was able to come across a company binaryoptionassetrecovery ( they were so helpful and we got back almost all of mu money back. im never going down that binaryoption or forex investment road again."

Posted: November 19th, 2018
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