Forex Fraud Reports

Warning! Fund Recovery Scams are on the Rise

We're receiving an increasing amount of spam by individuals claiming to be able to "recover" funds that were invested in online trading services. These individuals are posting false stories in our comments and forum. They will suggest that you should contact an email address, usually from a free provider such as gmail, to be given instructions on how to get your ... (Read More)
Posted by on 01/04/2020

AlfaTrade Warning! No Payouts, No Communication, No Professionalism

We are issuing a warning against one of our previously recommended brokers: AlfaTrade. This company owes us money and is refusing to pay. It has been over 6 months since the payment should have been made. Browsing the Facebook and Twitter pages of AlfaTrade, it appears that are not the only ones owed. This broker continues to maintain a presence ... (Read More)
Posted by on 01/04/2020

Is a Scam?

It has come to our attention that there is a new company called "Apex Signals" that is engaging in an aggressive telemarketing campaign. They are using manipulative and deceptive tactics to promote their stock forecasting service. The goal appears to be to convince individuals to deposit to an unregulated and unsafe trading platform. The website appears to be similar to ... (Read More)
Posted by on 01/04/2020

Beware of Managed Accounts!

I've been reading a lot of stories about Binary Options customers losing all of their funds in "Managed Accounts". Having someone who works at the platform make trades for you is always a scam! This new article explains how Binary Options trading really works and how you are being cheated when someone manages your account and trading ... (Read More)
Posted by on 01/04/2020

Introducing the Forex Scam Forum

Due to an increasing demand we have decided to open a Forum. This should replace the comments section. It will allow for better discussion, with replies and features such as uploading images as proof of wrongdoing. This should help bring resolution to issues between Forex brokers and traders. Sign up for the Forum
Posted by on 01/04/2020


Beware of the scam This is an unregulated broker that is making unsolicited calls to thousands of people who are not signed up. This is a violation of spam laws and a clear sign that this platform is a forex scam that should be avoided. If you are searching for a regulated trading platform where your funds will be ... (Read More)
Posted by on 10/21/2016

*Warning* scam report

We have received a complaint about the Forex robot "the millionaire in pjs" a scam. Its parent company Order Box Media reportedly did not deliver hundreds of dollars to it had promised to the client. There is enough proof to back up this claim. We strongly recommend avoiding this offer. The best way to trade is with your own knowledge ... (Read More)
Posted by on 01/04/2020

Forex Signals Providers - Are They Really Worth Your Money?

Making money in forex market became no longer difficult as it was few years ago. with the all new trading techniques and high speed internet connections and the appearence of the so many brokers who give the opportunities to every one to paricipate in the forex trding market regardles his capital volume.

Forex signals are the by-product for all technical ... (Read More)

Posted by on 01/28/2015

Select A Regulated Forex Agent For Assured Trade

A controlled forex broker is the member of controlled economical authority, implying that their corporate activity is scrutinised to guarantee that they stick to an established of rigid techniques and obey procedures set up through the regulatory authority. Forex regulation governs that an agent, who desires for being controlled, really should persist with a set of minimal necessities, at any granted ... (Read More)

Posted by on 01/28/2015

Simple Techniques to Find Out Forex Fraud

Simple techniques to find out Forex fraud
With the increasing popularity of Forex there has been an increase Forex brokers who are actually scam stars attempting swindle you of your hard earned money. Most of these frauds find their marks through online advertisements, televisions, newspaper and other print media ads, each touting its services as the best in the entire market. ... (Read More)

Posted by on 01/28/2015

Binary Options Regulatory Authorities

Though Binary options have become very popular in today's world yet many talented traders fear to bottle up with these options via brokers. The only fact is that they need an assurance that the broker is certified so that they don't end up in a scamster plan.

Another aspect that becomes a part of this hesitance is the ups and ... (Read More)

Posted by on 01/28/2015

Ways to Identify a Binary Options Fraud

A binary option trade involves a trader and a broker. The trader pays a strike price for a contract on an underlying asset and then chooses which direction he feels the price of the asset will go in a predetermined time frame. Once the contract reaches the expiry the trader will make a profit or be in the money if they ... (Read More)

Posted by on 01/28/2015

Forex Robots Ripoffs

Forex Trading Software gives you the base to make profits in a recurring basis. However unless interest rates are particularly high on one currency and the differential between the two rates is significant any net gain or loss is likely to be small. It generally happens because of many internal as well as external market situations of different countries in the ... (Read More)

Posted by on 01/28/2015