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D24FX Scam
We have experienced a major scam operation by this Company. We have opened a VIP account in Jan 2018and invested £234,000. We finally had £630,000. In the Forex account.  All our attempts to withdraw failed. We were requested to pay additional fees and commissions. After we pay the come back with more excuses for failing to transfer and request additional fees. After we met all their requirements they withdrew the amounts from our accoun and showed us a transfer receipt from Barclays Bank to our account. When a month passed and we still did not receive the funds, they claimed the transfer did not go through and additional fees are required. We are pursuing legal action against this Company. We have since found out that we were not the only ones subjected to their scam operation. All stories we have seen are similar to what We have experienced. We have all email and chat records to support our case and can share for others to learn and be aware of this company.

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Re: D24FX Scam
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Thanks for sharing.

We do not have a report on this broker. How did you find them? Do you know where they are based?