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NessFX / FxNet dishonesty
»With NESSfx, this might not be the case, but it is very easy to understand that the broker simply does not have enough tools to keep their clients safe. So, because of this, we believe that the regulatory framework that the broker follows is not helpful a lot and can lead to a lot of problems form Forex traders who use it.«

 >:( I am Maya and I completely agree with this. I worked with NessFX/ FxNet for almost one year and they have bancrupted me. I needed few months  and a lot of research to get some of my money back. I do not recommend you to deal with them, or you will have a lot of trouble. They have a very good strategy to take money from you. Please be carful. If you need or  want any advice you can contact me on and maybe I can help you to get some of your money back or at least give you some advice.
Best regards, MR :(