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Evolve.Markets is a big scam. They are only interested in traders who lose money. But if you make profits, they will not let you trade. They use the broker plugin in their metatrader, where everything is spoofed. The price is false, the Japanese candles are fake, the volumes are fake, the indicators offer false signals. But the worst is what I'm going to write now. When you're making profits, Evolve.Markets, start harassing you and making your trading experience a nightmare. With me, they started weeks ago, when one day I was gaining my positions on the cable, and I was opening positions of 0.01 - 0.02 lots. Well, without me having wanted it, when opening another position, Evolve manipulated his metatrader, causing me to open a position of 0.48 lots. In that moment, of course, I had a bad time. The next day, I was about to open a 1.15 position on his BTC / USD, but fortunately I noticed. Then, I had problems with them to withdraw, due to a "failure", according to them, that had on their website, and that in the end, they fixed. But then I was already very angry with Evolve, because I knew what they were doing to me. Although I still did not know the worst was yet to come. So, I decided to make a larger deposit of more than $ 700 in bitcoin.
And I did it because if you rob less than 400, it is a fault, but if you steal more, it is a more serious crime, with worse consequences. And I wanted to see how far they were willing to go to hurt my trading and to scam my money. For many days, I was trading the BTC / USD breakups, winning my positions, but the profits were ridiculous, as you can see in the screenshots I attached. There is a difference of even more than 60 dollars in those breakups, with the real price (more than 1.5% of the value of the currency). And from there, came the worst. One day I was charged a swap of more than three times the commission, but they were not successful, because I held my positions longer, but it is another scam, of course. And in the end, they used a terrible widening of the spread, so that I could not close positions with profit, and worst of all: they freeze the metatrader. They do it when your positions go into big profits, to get angry, to feel powerless, to lose control of your trading and for you to know that you are being cheated, and that they just want to keep your money. To convey the message "hey, trader, you are not welcome here"

In short, be careful with "Revolver.Markets" (because they say hands up, this is a robbery, bang, bang ...)

My lawyer already knows the details, and we will proceed against
Today you can find recorded videos, which show how "works" Evolve, on youtube, if you search scam. And I will publish this review, in several other places, to alert the maximum number of traders possible, about the activities of these people.

Thanks for reading this. Greetings.

Commisions, scam swap multiplied, and the price of the BTC/USD faked, for making you almost imposible to profit, or get ridiculous profits...

Amount Scammed: 0.15 Bitcoin

Payment Method: Bitcoin transference from my bitfinex account

Proof of Payment:

PM/Chat Logs: didn´t answer to this

Evolve markets Bitcoin Scammers
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The FED finally knuckled under to 45s demands that they lower interest rates. So did and all of the markets, even  gold and silver and oil, tanked. Thanks Trump.

Evolve markets Bitcoin Scammers
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When I close a market with ALT F4 instead of clicking the X button, Geekstoy is not able to open and how any new market later and you need to close and open the software again.

This happens only with markets, but not coupons. If you close a coupon with alt f4, you are still able to open new coupons or markets.

How can this be solved?