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zurichprime scam and theft
p to approx 3 weeks ago my acc was in very good standing.
However ever since the last US interest rate meeting they have deliberately given me false signals on both the EURUSD and USDCAD pairs. I believe for the reason to collapse my account to their own reward.
Dylan would contact me telephonically and state that for instance the EURUSD was going to move up and that I should close my sell positions  - only to see the EURUSD move in opoosite directions - this occurred on 3 occasions.. he would then advise to open opposite hedge positions to protect the margin..  this occurred for both the EURUSD and USDCAD pairs.

At each instance either Dylan or Richie would call and aggressively demand that I fund my acc to protect them from closing it.  I did fund the account once after an aggressive call from Richie.. After funding I once again received calls from Dylan advising to take various positions only to once again have the positions in opposite direction to the market. Dylan once again stated that I should deposit further funds.

On Friday last week he once again called and demanded that I deposit a further $50,000 or he would close my acc.

Thus I believe they deliberately gave me false information and lied to me in order to force additional deposits.
On the last occasion I stated to Dylan that I would not Deposit additional funds due to the fact that he been deliberately lieng about direction of trades in order to reward himself and Richie.

As a result of the aggressive manner in which both dylan and Richie demanded additional deposits I forwarded a bank transfer slip depicting the wrong info in order to stop the barrage of intimidating calls. Dylan  then falsified the date on an existing Unex form to enable the deposit..

I am totally disgusted in the manner in which both Dylan Ray and Richie Valentine have conducted themselves in order to collapse my account.

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Zurichprime is pure scam
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Never deal with this so called force broker.  They are not regulated ..their brokers will build up your account . Then feed you a bunch of false trades in order to entice you to deposit more.  Once you refuse they will close your account and steal your funds.

Brokers do not use real names.  Their trading system allows them to enter trades that not authorised by yourself. 

zurichprime scam and theft
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Good job awesome when you catch them in the act, plus a positive i.d. is made with no if, and, or, buts, about it.   how old are they?

zurichprime scam and theft
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Why arent there more cases if identity theft by CPAs and other tax preparers? They have your SSI, birthdate and bank account info.