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Unverified Scam Reports / XTB-Groups Scam
Last post by tomstor82 -
Having been a customer with XTB-Groups for a couple of months, falling initially for an online scam with BitCoinEra auto-trader, I've had to come to terms with this was all a scam. €250 down the drain.
Warning to others is that the operator actually got access to my laptop through remote access to help me set up my account. I secured my computer after this.
Trading wise I built up above €500 profit before the spreads were increased dramatically triggering stop losses when clicking trade button. Brought my account back down to around €250 when I realised this is not working. On querries to why the spreads were abnormally high I got told to send ID of transactions. There were no resolve and when I asked to be refunded communications was lost.
Note communications was always through WhatsApp. No emails or anything.
I later realised the address they've listed is actually the address of a legitimate company called XTB which is not affiliated with XTB-groups, but refer to them as a mimic web platform. The contact email does not work.
Please steer clear of this. If only we could shut down these pages.

Their original webpage stopped working: and now only works throug
Unverified Scam Reports / NessFX / FxNet dishonesty
Last post by maya -
»With NESSfx, this might not be the case, but it is very easy to understand that the broker simply does not have enough tools to keep their clients safe. So, because of this, we believe that the regulatory framework that the broker follows is not helpful a lot and can lead to a lot of problems form Forex traders who use it.«

 >:( I am Maya and I completely agree with this. I worked with NessFX/ FxNet for almost one year and they have bancrupted me. I needed few months  and a lot of research to get some of my money back. I do not recommend you to deal with them, or you will have a lot of trouble. They have a very good strategy to take money from you. Please be carful. If you need or  want any advice you can contact me on and maybe I can help you to get some of your money back or at least give you some advice.
Best regards, MR :(
They ignore and do not reply to any of my mails requesting for proof of payment. Unable to reach them by phone as all their lines are busy and do not respond on voice massages. I'm glad I don't have such problems while hiring a hypothesis writer
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Financial Markets News / Learn to lead your life as a currency trader
Last post by Wandadaf -
We are so lucky that we can learn through so many ways, so it’s not hard at all. I am in even better zone with FreshForex, since they have superb educational setup, which covers everything you could ask for and that really helps if you are willing to learn.
Secure Forex Platforms / How to trade prior to the closing of the week
Last post by Wandadaf -
Can not see the images for some reason. But is there any link to a trade explorer where the results can be seen. Anyone trying this?
Financial Markets News / Better Stock Market Hacks
Last post by Wandadaf -
U. S.  stock is very very worsen along this month, it's should be alert for all market makers, they must thinking twice to make and cooperate with. . .
Unverified Scam Reports / Evolve markets Bitcoin Scammers
Last post by Helenshoto -
When I close a market with ALT F4 instead of clicking the X button, Geekstoy is not able to open and how any new market later and you need to close and open the software again.

This happens only with markets, but not coupons. If you close a coupon with alt f4, you are still able to open new coupons or markets.

How can this be solved?
Financial Markets News / You must trade with proper business plans
Last post by adamsmiths -
If you are not treating your trading profession like a business, it will not ensure a decent profit potential. The majority of the trades will end up with bad positions. You will also fail to control the tools necessary for the security of the trades. Therefore, you will have a high potential loss for every trade. Therefore, the trading business should be considered as a business rather than just thinking about big profit potential. If you can focus on the trading plans and improve the management of the trades, it will provide a solid income from the business. But no rookie traders can dream about big gains from every execution. There are a lot of catalysts who are responsible for a profitable trading business. You need to utilize them all for efficient trading performance. With efficient plans and management, it is possible to ensure quality. Most importantly, you need to think consistently about a business to ensure the security of your trading capital. Then you can maintain a consistent yet effective trading performance in the marketplace. It also improves the potential of the traders to manage a decent performance.

Control the money management safely
From the very beginning, every trader must concentrate on money management. It is very important for business. On a platform where potential losses are very prominent, you cannot work without a solid money management plan. Every risk exposure must be set with a solid plan. You need to follow the suggestions of the experts to improve a solid trading edge. The risk per trade must be simple concerning the trading capital. If you can use a 1% risk per trade on every occasion, the trading business will have less pressure on your mind. Most importantly, you can think about other aspects of a trading approach without worrying about the trading money.

So, develop an effective plan to secure your capital. Do not invest too much in the options trading industry since it increase the risk factors to a great extent. You will not be safe with this strategy and the potential losses will be big.

Develop a long term edge over the trades
When you are preparing for the trading business, a solid trading edge is necessary. You need to use the demo trading account to improve your edge. It is a platform where the new Singaporean traders will get no tension of losing money. Because the money used on there is fake and you can borrow as much as you can from your broker. But the demo account must be utilized to increase your trading skills.

With appropriate plans and strategies, you need to improve your edge for the best trading performance. Most importantly, you will also need to make sure the position of the trades are suitable. This is because without any suitable market condition, there will be no profit potential. Moreover, a trader will also fail to control the trades with stop-loss when the volatility is backlashing. So, you need to improve your trading plans to execute winners in the markets. If a trade is turning into a loser, you must have the ability to reduce the potential loss.

Execute trades for a valuable price signal
Without a suitable market condition, you should never place a trade. It is not suitable for the trading business. This is because there are many random signals which seem appealing for decent profit potentials. However, they can turn into a poor position for trade. If you are not careful about them, the trading business will experience so many dilemmas. Without positioning the trades, any trades executed will lose money.

Moreover, you will also fail to set the exits with stop-loss and take-profit. Most importantly for a trader, the profit potential will not be possible without finding a suitable trade setup and executing an order for it. So, try to remain calm and wait for the right market condition to manage decent profit margins.
In every business, there will be ups and downs. No matter how much effort you put to develop a certain business from scratch, you are not going to experience an exponential profit curve. Due to the basics nature of supply and demand in the global market, you will have to face ups and downs in your cash flow. Those who live in Singapore might say, the experienced traders are always making a profit and they don't have to work hard. But this is a big fat lie. Even the institutional traders are losing money and they have worked hard to develop their skills. Due to their strong determination and devotion, they have managed to create a perfect trading system. Let's discuss the top six reasons for which the investors are losing money.

Failing to understand the market nature
Those who are new in the trading profession, don't understand why the price of the financial instrument is changing. They don't understand how the financial market works. Without having strong knowledge on a certain topic, it's nearly impossible to make a profit from this market. As a new trader, you have to take advantage of the Saxo demo account and trade the market with managed risk. Try to develop your skills based on simple logic and trade the market with low risk.

Failing to manage the cash flow
You must learn to manage the cash flow in any business. You might get the responsibility of the big business but without having the cash flow management skills, you are going to lose a huge sum of money. To make your life much better, you have to push things to the next level. Never think you can change your life without doing the hard work. Know your risk exposure and trade the Forex market based on the principles of successful traders.

Failing to identify the problems
You must learn to identify the problems in trading or else you will never become a successful trader. Those who are making tons of profit know the ins and outs of this market. They regularly revise their trading strategy so that they can keep pace with the dynamic nature of this market. You might think by buying an expensive system from the professional traders, you can make huge profits. Things don't work like this in real life. Learn from your mistakes and you will improve your skills in trading.

Find a mentor
You must find a mentor to learn the details of this market. Learning the art of trading by reading books and exploring online resources is a very challenging task. Most of the time, the rookie traders fall into the trap. If you get help from the professional mentors it won't take much time to understand the blueprint of trading. There is nothing wrong to take a professional course in trading. So, do some research and find a good mentor to learn to trade.

Focus on proper research
When you do the market analysis, make sure you focus on in-depth data analysis. Never try to trade the market without doing the homework. Use the technical and fundamental parameters to find the potential trade setups and you will have a much higher win rate. Though these are a very complex process with proper devotion, you can easily change your life. Always remember, emotions can't help you in the trading business.

Be prepared to lose
You must be prepared to lose trades or else you can't make a profit in trading. Most of the traders try to avoid losing trades and eventually they make trading a very complex. Forex trading should be considered as a very easy task. Never try to make things complicated by using too many tools or variables. Think like experienced traders and find the trade setups based on simple logic.