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Unverified Scam Reports / Evolve markets Bitcoin Scammers
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The FED finally knuckled under to 45s demands that they lower interest rates. So did and all of the markets, even  gold and silver and oil, tanked. Thanks Trump.
this error did not meet me. it was a mistake once a week if Im not mistaken. then you can close the topic. Problem solved automatically.
Financial Markets News / Forex vs Shares
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Beyonder - "In my humble opinion, there are alot easier ways to make money in Forex. You might want to start with Rv financial."

? - Where can i find "Rv financial?"

Verfied Scam Reports / Blind leading the blind
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Being blind and doing martial arts seems not only daunting, but possibly inappropriate. However, after having seen the MMA fighter with no arms OR legs, I now realize that anything is possible.
Secure Forex Platforms / Re: What makes a site secure?
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Mariola, this is a recent change they've made for non-Australia clients. I don't know of CIMA, so will have to wait and see. We haven't had any negative feedback on VantageFX over the 2+ years they have been listed.
Secure Forex Platforms / Re: What makes a site secure?
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Sorry but I notice that vantage fx isn't regulated by asic but CIMA. Is this regulator reliable?
It is all true for all of the currency traders out there. And when you are dealing with the most volatile markets in the world, it is obvious to follow the most subtle and effective trading plans. Those plans will have to be made by the traders themselves. All of the trading performance will also have to be for saving what you have in the account as well. And working in organizations will be good for all of the traders. Just make the right choice over the trading business. There will be a lot more things to mention in the selection though. We are going to talk about all of them in the following of this article. We will be touching on the right selection of the trading method. Then we are going to talk about the right maintenance of the right risk per trade. The profit targets will also have to be maintained properly. And the most important work for any trader is the proper market analysis. We are going to talk about it in the following sections of this article.

Selecting the right trading method will help in a way
First, let's come to the point of selecting the right trading methods. The traders will have to choose one to give a proper structure to their business performance. You see, there is no way to ensure some winning in the trading business. There can be losses most of the time. In fact, the Forex marketplace is all about making the most losing trades happening. So, there will be losses coming from most of the trades. But it can be managed by any trader with some decent level of management. That will be done right with some proper trading method. It will help you with some good timeframe for the business. From there, all of the necessary working processes will have the most right timeslot possible. So, select the right method for your business. If you even think about the short term trading process being right for your mind, it is okay. Just do not yield to the temptation of overtrading.

Take a professional course
The successful traders in Singapore always suggest that new investors take a professional course. The experienced traders can easily give you a precise guideline which will help you to execute quality trades in the Saxo online trading account. Some of you might think to invest money on trading is education is a big waste but in reality this the best step any traders can take in their life.

You will have to keep the money thoughts away from yourself
Besides the proper control of the timeslot of the trading performance, the traders will need some money protections. It will be done for both the right performance as well as some proper control over the losses. Well, the traders will be able to make the right performance happening with the most positive results. We are talking about it for the losing trades actually. But in the case of the winning trades, there will be some good risk to reward ratio. The traders will have to think about saving the most money. In fact, it is obvious for novice traders to think about saving their investment first of all. Then it would be good for the traders to aim for some good pips.

A better trading performance is all about market analysis
About all of the trades will be getting some proper market analysis for the right signals. It is an absolute need for all of the trades. All of the traders will have to make the right work possible for the trades. Combine your technical analysis and fundamental analysis for all of the trades. Then there will not be any improper position sizes for most of the trades.
Financial Markets News / Learn to lead your life as a currency trader
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We do have to have a proper job in order to support ourselves. Some even require more than one. It becomes necessary when people start a family of their own. They try to find a decent income source with fewer headaches. This is where the trading business can come in handy for all the traders. But many people or traders should we call them, tend to make their trading life more difficult. They make it with spending more time on the trading process rather than doing. Today we are going to talk about that. In the following actually, you will be delivered with some proper knowledge and suggestions about the proper trading business. They will be solely base on the trading frequency and spending time in the trading sessions.

Make routines for the business
The actual fact of the trading business, it is not so difficult for the traders to handle. It is the traders who make the process complicated with improper trading management. There are many things we can talk about for a poor quality trading management. But today we are going to talk about only one thing. That thing is the trading participation itself. Some traders happen to spend very less time in their trading business whereas some tend to spend very much time on the trading business for making progress in it. But it should be nothing like being a headache for the traders. You will have to stay organized and disciplined for the trading business. The new traders in the United Kingdom can do that with a proper trading routine for their business. So, make one for yourself and try to consider your daily schedule for keeping up with everything in your life.

Learn to live your life
Being a currency trader, investors don't really understand how they should lead their life. They simply focus on making a profit in the exchange traded funds industry. But if you do so, chances are very high you will end up by overtrading the market. Learn to trade the market with managed risk and focus on the fundamental news. Once you learn to trade the market with an extreme level of precision, take a step to make your life more colorful. Keeping yourself relaxed is the only way to make a consistent profit from this market.

Stay committed
After making a routine for your trading business the duties are not done. Now it will be working with your head. Actually, the traders will have to commit to themselves with proper trust and belief and follow their own routine which has been made by their own mind. Because even after making the proper trading routine, many people will not be able to follow it with their hearts. But when the traders can make a proper commitment to themselves and think about good performing trading business, they will do so, and this will definitely ensure the good returns from the trading process. With a proper trading method according to the timeframe, traders can make their own business and mind stable. This will help with proper execution and development of your trading business.

Spend much less time per session
When a trader will make a proper trading routine for him or herself, it will contain some good sessions. Those are will be based on a daily routine for trading executions. But traders will have to learn about keeping it to the minimum. Because there are possibilities of many things happening to the trader's life when they will spend too much time in the sessions. Let us tell you about an important one. Just imagine your kids calling another man daddy or your love one breaking up with you. We think only these two reasons alone will be able to make you keep less time in the trading sessions. Be a clever trader and manage your trading business well.
Unverified Scam Reports / Re: forex scam
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Your post is vary vague. Which broker are you referring to? Did you just make a bad trade or were you actually scammed?
Unverified Scam Reports / Re: D24FX Scam
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Thanks for sharing.

We do not have a report on this broker. How did you find them? Do you know where they are based?