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Reports on Binary Options Scams
Do you have a list you might share in regards to scam Binary Options sites? I think that would be really helpful to people just starting out.

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Re: Reports on Binary Options Scams
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Hi Jonzz,

Rather than focusing on the scam sites, why not just look at our top rated platforms? The Regulated Forex trading list has the best safe options for you. If there is a green check beside the link, it is a secure platform to trade on. You can also use the Search.. function at the top of that page to look for sites that we have warnings about. There are over 200 platforms listed now, and we are constantly adding more.

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Re: Reports on Binary Options Scams
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Wow, that is a really comprehensive list for sure. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Exactly what I was looking for.

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Re: Reports on Binary Options Scams
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Stay away from Binary on Line. They do not return any winnings. Here is how they justify it. They will give you a bonus quite substantial then when you go to withdraw your winnings they tell you you must make 30 times the bonus before you can with draw any money!!