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Klimex Capital Markets
Hi All,

Have any of you guys heard of Klimex Capital Markets? They have an office in Lepanto Building in Makati and their website is I opened a live account with them 7 weeks ago after I attended their training. The account manager and the trainer are very accomodating and helpful. I didn't question their reputation because they are under Vantage FX which is a reputable broker. However, I'm now doubting their legitamacy. I've made 2 withdrawal for $1000 ($500 each) on May 5, 2017 and I haven't received the amount as of this writing. I have provided the reference numbers they've given me to my bank but my bank couldn't find these numbers. I have been following up on them since May 11 but they couldn't provide me with any additional proof of the remittance but just keeps sending me the same screenshots of what they claim as the receipts from National Australian Bank. Please see attached. I'm still waiting for any updates from them and I would appreciate as well any inputs that you may have regarding this broker.

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Thanks for posting. Wire delays certainly do happen. It's strange that they have stopped following up with you. Please keep us posted about future developments.

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Hi Admin,

I have finally received the $1000.00. It took 3 weeks but it's now in my bank account. Thank God.