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Secure Binary Platform
Could you recommend a good Binary Option trading platform that is both secure and user friendly in regards to people new to Binary trading?

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Re: Secure Binary Platform
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Check out the comprehensive list on this forum. They have a lot of link to secure sites that you can trade on.

Re: Secure Binary Platform
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There is no such thing as a good binary options trading site, since there is no such thing as binary options trading. Binary options is a form of prediction, backed up by placing money in support of those predictions. In one word: gambling.  (Don't ask me!  Ask the FBI and the FSA...)

Trading requires that merchandise, values such as precious metals and currencies, raw materials and rights, (the full, pedantic, list is a few pages long), are bought and sold, or that promises to buy or sell are made at pre-determined rates.  Binary options is the general public version of the mad predictive activity made by the more aggressive traders, operating well beyond the limits of their responsibility, on official stock exchanges that brought many banks and brokers to their knees twenty to thirty years ago.  If you want to crash and burn like Nick Leeson: be my guest.

Gains on binary options are not made by making profits buying and selling anything;  the rewards for the winners all come from the losses of the losers.  Unless you are operating a binary operations firm, in which case you have commissions on winnings and whatever your firm feels like taking on predictions on values which neither rise nor fall.  If you are a client of a binary options firm, and you make a rising or falling prediction on a value which remains unchanged, you have lost.  Quite where your money goes in that circumstance is under investigation at the moment...

"BI"nary options with a "TRI"o of possible outcomes, of which only two are of benefit to the ordinary players???  That is why many firms only run very short-term predictions: more opportunities to bag all the cash before a value has time to rise or fall.  You would think that the cash in those cases should be returned to clients' accounts.  I have yet to find a binary options firm with that level of integrity.  It's one of the many anomalies which have prevented binary options firms from qualifying for gaming licences.  Of course, most firms seem to know they have no chance of meeting the Gambling Commission's standards and don't ever apply.  Such an application would be a suicidal admission that binary options activity is just a form of gambling.  Do not expect binary options activity to become legitimate any time soon.  Not regulated = not exactly legitimate in the world of finance.
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Re: Secure Binary Platform
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This seems to be an attack on binary in general, and not just a particular operator who was responsible for a wrongdoing.

I disagree with your opinion. Obviously, with returns around 80% per trade, it's not going to be easy. There are going to be winners and losers. I can guess which one you were.

Re: Secure Binary Platform
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I'm trading binary options with Alpari Their platform, which is the BinaryTrader, is secure and solid. I'm really a Forex trader, but binary options have really caught my attention.