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How to trade prior to the closing of the week
It's very crucial that you trade at the right time. When traders are trading in Forex, they do not know if they can make money. They try many strategies and most of them fail. They try with the new strategy and make money. You cannot make money in Forex by doing what all the other traders are doing. If you want to be among the elite group of successful traders who are making the profit, you need to know how to trade in the weekend.

This article will tell you why you can trade in a weekend and still make money. We have a common conception of the market that we will lose money if we are trading in weekends. It is not true and you can also make money. This article will guide you on how to trade in the weekends.

Day trade the market
If you want to trade during Thursday or Friday then you should take any long-term open positioning fact the professional traders often tells the novice traders not to trade during the Friday. It's true that the market offers an extreme level of profit taking opportunity prior to the weekend but still, you should stay on the sideline as a novice trader. However, if you still want to trade then you need to day trade the market on those two days. There is no point of risking any amount of dollar during that time since you know the market will be remain closed after Friday. You need to consider every single parameter to become a successful trader in this industry.

Trade with small lot
Many retail traders often trade the market for a long period of time which is often referred as long-term trading. So if you want to keep your position open in the Forex trading industry then you need to trade with small lot size. Before you place any trade calculate the associated risk in trading so that you can easily embrace the losing trades. No matter what you do, you can never avoid the losing trades in the financial industry. You need to have a strong belief in your trade management skills or else you are going to end up on the losing sides. Learn to trade safely with managed risk.

It shows the trading trend of the week
We always tell the traders to trade with the longer timeframe. If you are trading with the small timeframe, you will not know if there are changes in the market trend. Longer timeframe shows you the picture of the market is a long period of time and you can prepare your trades. If you are trading in weekends, you get to know the market trend of the weeks. When many traders do not trade at the weekends, there are also many traders who only trade in weekends. The market is at its closing time and it does not show volatility. If you can know what the trend of the week is, you can make a good amount of money in Forex in weekends. It should not be your only trading time but it is good if you can make money in your weekends also.

Improves your trading
Trading in the weekends also improves your trading in Forex. If you trade in the weekend, you will trade less and will place more good trades. Traders who are trading in weekends are more successful than traders with the longer timeframe. They can know what the market trend of the week is and they place fewer trades. They have a good chance of making money in Forex if they are trading in weekends. Trading in weekends can improve your trading by placing trades with the weekly trend of Forex. If you can make money on weekends, you can make money in your trades by trading without the weekend.

How to trade prior to the closing of the week
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