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XTB-Groups Scam
Having been a customer with XTB-Groups for a couple of months, falling initially for an online scam with BitCoinEra auto-trader, I've had to come to terms with this was all a scam. €250 down the drain.
Warning to others is that the operator actually got access to my laptop through remote access to help me set up my account. I secured my computer after this.
Trading wise I built up above €500 profit before the spreads were increased dramatically triggering stop losses when clicking trade button. Brought my account back down to around €250 when I realised this is not working. On querries to why the spreads were abnormally high I got told to send ID of transactions. There were no resolve and when I asked to be refunded communications was lost.
Note communications was always through WhatsApp. No emails or anything.
I later realised the address they've listed is actually the address of a legitimate company called XTB which is not affiliated with XTB-groups, but refer to them as a mimic web platform. The contact email does not work.
Please steer clear of this. If only we could shut down these pages.

Their original webpage stopped working: and now only works throug