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Systems & Strategies / Re: Robots
Last post by Miles -
There are a couple of programs available online. Never tried them out, though. Anyone here using them and had success?
Systems & Strategies / Re: Fool-Proof Strategies
Last post by Miles -
There is no such thing as a fool-proof strategy. Not in Forex, nor anywhere else. Knowledge is the key.
Systems & Strategies / Re: Importance of Experience
Last post by Miles -
Experience is definitely very important when trading in both Forex and Binary. And it takes time to get that experience.
Systems & Strategies / Re: Best Buying Strategies
Last post by Miles -
There are a lot of good tutorials available online. I think the most important is to check out the market before investing on the current day.
Systems & Strategies / Re: Different Trading Systems
Last post by Miles -
I am really new to this as well, but I think the platform makes a bit of a difference. Not sure though.
Systems & Strategies / Re: Robots
Last post by Tara -
Never used robots and never would. It is just too risky. And also, it is much more awesome to see success from your own work, rather then some automated program.
Systems & Strategies / Re: How hard?
Last post by Tara -
That all depends on you, your experience and your knowledge. And also on the state of the market.
Systems & Strategies / Re: Avoiding Scams
Last post by Tara -
This site right here has a huge list of sites that you can trust and many that are scams. Just look it up. This is the best way to avoid scams.
Systems & Strategies / Re: Tutorials Online
Last post by Tara -
You just have to check it up on Google. There are literally tons of free and good quality tutorials available for anyone starting out in trading for the first time.
Systems & Strategies / Re: What made you start in Forex?
Last post by Tara -
I was a complete newbie. I had a little bit of money to invest, so I said "Why not" and started out. Did not regret it so far. You can definitely have success even as a newbie if you stick with it.