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Verfied Scam Reports / Re: Forex Prime
Never heard about this site, but thanks for sharing this, so I know I should avoid them when choosing a trading platform.
Systems & Strategies / Difference
What is the difference between Forex and Binary? Is there any at all? Anyone willing to elaborate on this?
Systems & Strategies / How hard?
How hard is to make profit when trading in Forex? How long does it take to see actual profit and good income?
Systems & Strategies / Investment Required
How much are you actually needed to invest, when first starting out trading in Forex? Can you get your investment back after a while?
Systems & Strategies / Different Trading Systems
What are the main differences between trading systems in Forex trading? Is it a matter of what platform you use? Or something different?
Systems & Strategies / Best Buying Strategies
What do you think are the best buying strategies when just starting out in Forex trading? Anyone with experience willing to share a tutorial for new guys?
Systems & Strategies / Latest Trends
What are the latest trends in the Forex trading world nowadays? Care to share your thoughts?
Systems & Strategies / Robots
Any of you had any success using Forex trading robots? Do you recommend using them for a newbie?
Systems & Strategies / Importance of Experience
How important is experience in Forex trading? Do you have to spend years trading to actually see success in the end?
Systems & Strategies / Fool-Proof Strategies
Is there such a thing as a fool-proof strategy when trading in Forex? Or does it all boil down to experience to achieve success?
Systems & Strategies / Re: Binary robots
Would you actually have to pay for such automated trading programs, or are they free to download?
Financial Markets News / What to invest in?
What would you recommend someone new to invest in and trade when first starting out? How has the market changed from when you first started out?
Financial Markets News / Market Stats
How has the market changed in recent years? Anything significant that happened in the last couple of years in the Forex world?
Financial Markets News / Forex vs. Shares
Would you consider trading in Forex versus trading in actual shares? And if so, why would you prefer Forex trading?
Financial Markets News / Success Stories
Do you have any good success stories to share in regards to Forex trading? Share here.