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Financial Markets News / Real World Events Influencing
Can real world events actually influence Forex and Binary markets and trends? If so, why?
Financial Markets News / Trends
Is there a way to always know current trends with the markets? Is there a website that offers info on this?
Do you have a list you might share in regards to scam Binary Options sites? I think that would be really helpful to people just starting out.
What do you think about how much you could possibly make trading in Forex? Is there an upper limit? Do you have any experience with this?
Systems & Strategies / How much did you make?
How much did you ever make trading in Forex or Binary? Care to share your success stories?
Systems & Strategies / Software for trading
Could you recommend good software to use when trading in Forex or Binary? Anything in particular that you use all the time?
Secure Forex Platforms / What makes a site secure?
What exactly makes a site secure and trustworthy in your opinion? What should a site have that makes it trustworthy in your eyes?
Secure Forex Platforms / IQ Option
Have you ever tried this site? Would you recommend it for any specific reason?
Secure Forex Platforms / Secure Binary Platform
Could you recommend a good Binary Option trading platform that is both secure and user friendly in regards to people new to Binary trading?
Systems & Strategies / Tutorials Online
Are there any good sites that offer tutorials to Forex trading? Anything you are willing to share that helped you out in the past?
Systems & Strategies / What made you start in Forex?
What made you start out as a Forex trader? Did you have any background? Were you a complete newbie first?
Systems & Strategies / What Goods?
What goods are you usually go for when trading in Forex? With what did you have the most success so far?
Systems & Strategies / Ranking Sites
Are there sites online that rank Forex trading platforms in regards to user reviews? Care to share such a list?
Systems & Strategies / Avoiding Scams
What are you strategies to avoid scammy Forex sites? Do you check up on their forums first? Look them up online? Something else?
Verfied Scam Reports / Re: Trader XP
If they went offline after taking your deposits, they are probably long gone. Definitely a scam.