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Fraud statement against LM Swiss Direct LTD & SwissFxTrading  (Scammers)
LM Swiss Direct LTD & SwissFxTrading with offices in the UK / CANADA / AUTRALIA has convinced me to deposit $2000 on the 3rd of November 2016. (This was a big mistake)  They tried several times convincing me to add more funds due to opportunities in the market. I have lost interest in their credibility and became skeptical in their strange behavior and decide to withdraw my funds on the 21st of November. Clearly they were not happy about my decision and receipt several calls from individuals "if real names I doubt" John Finch / Jordan Richards / May Sanders. (Calls made from the UK/Singapore/Russia)  After my withdrawal request May Sanders disappeared from Skype. Not available "sick" strange?  Then I request several times to inform about the withdrawal progress without any success. On the 28th of November I have noticed on my trading account page that the funds been "paid" seems to be fake (all games)  fifteen working days has passed after my withdrawal request and no funds receipt. They ignore and do not reply to any of my mails requesting for proof of payment. Unable to reach them by phone as all their lines are busy and do not respond on voice massages. With my last and final mail I gave them 24hour notice to respond with proof of payment and in failing to do so I will report as fraud. The time has been expired and no proof of payment been received. Confirmed!! (THEY ARE SCAMMERS)
With my investigation I have found "trading scam alerts" and more victims suffer losses globally from these scammers as per links included. They must be blacklisted and be prosecuted.