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Mariola, this is a recent change they've made for non-Australia clients. I don't know of CIMA, so will have to wait and see. We haven't had any negative feedback on VantageFX over the 2+ years they have been listed.
Unverified Scam Reports / Re: forex scam

Your post is vary vague. Which broker are you referring to? Did you just make a bad trade or were you actually scammed?
Unverified Scam Reports / Re: D24FX Scam
Thanks for sharing.

We do not have a report on this broker. How did you find them? Do you know where they are based?
Unverified Scam Reports / Re: scam

Thanks for posting. This definitely seems like a scam.

Could you provide any evidence to support your claim? You could post it here, or send to by email. If you do that, I could move this post to the "Verified Scams" forum.
This seems to be an attack on binary in general, and not just a particular operator who was responsible for a wrongdoing.

I disagree with your opinion. Obviously, with returns around 80% per trade, it's not going to be easy. There are going to be winners and losers. I can guess which one you were.

Thanks for posting. Wire delays certainly do happen. It's strange that they have stopped following up with you. Please keep us posted about future developments.
Verfied Scam Reports / Re: Forex Prime

If you believe we're the competition, why have you called us at least 20 times? I, like many others, told you to stop after the first call. Yet you continued to phone back, often at inconvenient times of the day.

It goes to show how arrogant and inconsiderate your company is. True qualities of scammers.
Verfied Scam Reports / Re: Forex Prime
Dear "David",

You posted earlier under the name Michael. What is your real name?

So, you say you are working with the company. Why does your company think it is OK to harass people by repeatedly phoning them, even after they ask you not to call? Regardless whether you provide signals, are a trading platform, or an affiliate, that is not an acceptable way to do business.
Verfied Scam Reports / Re: Blind leading the blind
Thanks for sharing.

Besides do you know what other affiliate programs they are working with?
Thanks for sharing.

It seems the website is offline. If anyone knows of a new firm that these folks try to start up, please post it here.
Unverified Scam Reports / Re: 72 option
Hello Bill Rc,

Could you please supply some documentation to support your claim. You can upload screen grabs or send them directly to me. Thanks
Systems & Strategies / Re: Ranking Sites
Hi Jonzz,

Check out our list of Regulated Forex Trading platforms.